Hands up if you think you have Covid?

As you know we had to cancel our live event last night (but you can now book for the streaming version this Wednesday night). Yesterday morning before we took the decision to cancel, I was getting lots of emails from people who had booked tickets saying they could not make it as they thought they had Covid. I could sympathise as yesterday even I was wondering if I had it. I woke up with a sore head. I was out the night before for a meal with some friends and I had two glasses of Baileys. I have written before about how I have basically given up booze, but I would be a shocking lightweight if Baileys managed to give me a hangover. After a cup of coffee and 2 painkillers, I felt better but Covid really does mess with your head.

The problem is the symptoms of Omicron are exactly like the normal winter bugs we all get this time of year. From Belfast Live:

Co Tyrone-based GP Dr Brendan O’Hare has urged people to look out for these five symptoms that seem to present more often in Omicron patients.

They are:

  • A scratchy feeling in their throat
  • A dry persistent cough
  • Persistent tiredness
  • Night sweats
  • Muscle aches

Is there anyone reading who has not had at least one of those symptoms over the past week? Fecks sake, I have had persistent tiredness for the past 5 years.

I am getting my booster today and you start to get paranoid about what happens if you have Omicron when you get the booster. Dr Google reassures me that you would be fine. The reason they ask if you have symptoms is more to do with not spreading it in the vaccination centre than some weird reaction that could happen.

People are being ultra-cautious around Christmas so we all have 2 weeks of mind games to look forward to. Will you be killing your granny with a visit? Can you go to a restaurant? Can you give people cards and presents? There is no end to the terrifying scenarios your brain can invent. ..

I do love a bit of black humour in these situations. When I was talking to the guy from the Black Box yesterday about having to cancel the event I quipped we could all be dead this time next month. He replied back that it would probably be a blessed relief. Oh, how we laughed…

At the end of the day, all you can do is get your booster and use your common sense. We have made it this far, what’re another few weeks?

All together now: One day at a time sweet Jesus…

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