Peter Robinson has written a self help book…

I had to double-check that this one was legit, but it seems our ex-First Minister has been busy in his retirement writing a self-help book called Witty Putdowns and Clever Insults.

Dame Arlene Foster announced the release to an eager literary audience:

From the blurb:

Master the art of Witty Putdowns and clever Insults and become the life of the party, even if you’ve always struggled with jokes! Conquer social battles in no time, or protect yourself from verbal jabs.
Are you tired of feeling dumbstruck and underprepared when targeted with a verbal affront?
Ever wished you could light up the room with an intelligent, witty comeback instead of fumbling for words?
Do you try to shirk away from confronting verbal bullies because you’re afraid you’ll be left speechless and vanquished?
Have you considered why people use insults and how to deal with verbal abuse?
Contrary to popular belief, delivering razor-sharp putdowns is not exclusive to the inherently witty. It’s a craft that can be honed with the right guidance and ample practice. Likewise, swift replies are not always the product of spontaneity but can be prepared in advance. By building an arsenal of putdowns and insults, you can always stand ready with a fitting retort, regardless of the scenario!
While some may posit that silence is the most effective answer to an insult, an adroit, playful retort often defuses tension and boosts your self-assuredness.
“Witty Putdowns and Clever Insults,” is a comprehensive guide to help you navigate the fascinating world of jibes and zingers. Here, you will–

  • Delve into a detailed exploration of wit and sophisticated verbal sparring,
  • Master the fine art of well-timed sarcastic comebacks in banter battles,
  • Explore the rich and historical roots of instant retorts,
  • Gain a sound understanding of the subtle distinctions in global repartee,
  • Employ effective techniques to shield yourself from snide remarks,
  • Learn techniques to effortlessly deflect any disdainful and stinging remarks,
  • Probe the fascinating subconscious impact elicited by punchy zingers,
  • Graciously maneuver the intricate battleground of eloquent wordsmiths,
  • Dissect the anatomy of biting rebukes to comprehend their true power,
  • Unravel the intricate psychological foundations underpinning putdowns,
  • And discover a vast repertoire from renowned comeback connoisseurs.

If you want to elevate your conversational prowess, become a maestro at delivering sharp-witted comments, and acquire the skills to protect yourself from hurtful verbal blows, then “Witty Putdowns & Clever Insults” is the quintessential guide you need. Don’t remain frozen in a verbal duel.
Gift yourself the power of wit and resilience.

And best of all, if you have a Kindle you can read these words of wisdom for free. Download it here…

I have downloaded it and shall cast my eye over it later on with a cup of tea and a jaffa cake.

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